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Steel cables, mooring lines and other lifting materials, those are the specialities of family business Vermeulen Europoort. For an international company of this size, a correctly functioning ERP system is an absolute necessity. That is why the company sat down with Zeibur, merger partner of Anrova Solutions.

Today, the employees use SAP Business One together with add-on B1UP. This works swiftly and user-friendly, reduces a lot of stress and saves a huge amount of time and money.

"SAP Business One is top notch. If you compare it to a car, I think of a Porsche. Thanks to the collaboration with Zeibur, the merger partner of Anrova Solutions, I can be  confident that our system is getting better and better."
(Tom Vermeulen, owner and operations director, Vermeulen Europoort)


Inefficiency as a driver

Before the introduction of their new SAP Business One system, working was not always easy for Vermeulen Europoort employees. Long searches for information, a lot of browsing, ... This obviously caused some frustration as well as high costs. Fortunately, that is now a thing of the past!

Making an offer in 5 minutes

Where, for instance, it used to take the company up to 6 hours to make a detailed, well-organised quotation - thanks to SAP Business One, this can be done in 5 minutes. This is because this ERP system works very intuitively, information is clearly organised and displayed, and products and product information is easily traceable.

Easy tracking of articles and products

By investing in a system in which the large range of articles and related product information are easy to process and manage, Vermeulen Europoort not only saves a lot of time. The costs are also significantly lower. Employees can in fact focus a lot more on the company's core business - they no longer have to spend hours dealing with complex systems.

ERP system SAP Business One and add-on B1UP

What did the implementation of SAP Business One change? Quite a bit:

  • Product information is now visualised in personalised and easy-to-understand dashboards. Product batch numbers and more are easy to find and download.
  • Traceability when safety requirements require for delivered products and materials.
  • Employees can perform their task efficiently and intuitively, as the dashboards are provided by add on B1UP - (Usability Package).
  • The add-on B1UP automatically adds the right documents to e.g. tenders via a special function button.
  • The B1UP dashboards replace the many obscure Excel reports.
  • Company data can be easily queried, compared and analysed.
  • The B1UP has a lot of possibilities for validation and check on user-defined fields. Decision-making is therefore easier.


A time-saving and cost-efficient ERP system: from now on, Vermeulen Europoort benefits from it thanks to their SAP Business One system with add-on B1UP!

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How do our solutions bring you more profit and growth?

How do our solutions bring you more profit and growth?

SAP Business One is an integrated solution that provides clear insight in your entire business and gives you full control over every aspect of your operations.