The Smartdoc platform

Intelligent document management and automation

Work with one central archive for all your document related information and take advantage of the AI-driven technology to install automated tasks and workflows throughout your company.

Combining functionality with an <strong>easy-to-use interface</strong>

Combining functionality with an easy-to-use interface

The Smartdoc platform is under ongoing expansion and development since 2010, yet it is one of the easiest to use platforms on the market today.

At its core it has three functions - add, search and take action - to handle any type of incoming or outgoing document. Today it is used by hundreds of brands and thousands of users.

Product highlights:

  • Only 2 buttons to archive and find anything
  • Offers an invoice recognition module to automate your accounting workflows
  • Stores all document related information (e-mail, photos, scans, all files directly from office)
  • Your data belong to you and is stored locally
  • Makes your archive searchable on content
  • API-driven application: integrates with all your systems (ERP, intranet, accounting, ...)
  • Document life cycle tracking: rights (security), how many times was the document opened, mailed, updated, printed, and by whom
  • Adds metadata to your documents and content
  • Automates your existing workflows and build new ones
  • Fully GDPR compliant



  • 1. Archive documents

    Store all your document-related information digitally in one place and allow every part of the organisation to use Smartdoc for storing scans, e-mail traffic or digital(ised) documents. All the information needed to do the daily job, can be accessed securely from any place at any time.

    • Archive any type of document: invoices, emails, attachments, images, etc
    • Anyone can do it with just a couple of clicks
    • Archive outgoing, incoming and returning documents directly from Outlook, Word or Excel with our office plugin
    • Store all document-related information digitally at one secured location
    <strong>1.</strong> Archive documents
  • 2. Search for documents

    Find your information at a moments notice. Use Smartdoc as an internal search engine to search your own documents. Actions are stored and can be consulted. Searching is lightning fast and the search results can be refined or ordered.

    • Search your entire database based on keyword or any type of metadata
    • Find what you are looking for in seconds and save an hour a day
    • Always find the latest version, view and promote prior versions and capture an audit trail of actions.
    <strong>2.</strong> Search for documents
  • 3. Perform actions

    As a user you want to get rid of the incoming document flow quickly and without much effort. Afterwards you want to find it back when you need it and do what you want with it. The easy Smartdoc interface allows that and a lot more:

    • Retrieve data from any document contracts, HR documents, e-mails, invoices,...
    • Share documents, create working groups and secure your information
    • Create new versions of existing documents through an easy check out/check in process.
    • Link a life cycle to each document for legal archiving.
    <strong>3.</strong> Perform actions
  • 4. Automate with AI based technology

    Make the right documents reach the right person in function of level of authority.Digitize your document flows and link them to the optimal approval flow thanks to the centralised machine learning system.

    • Make your workflow fluent with push messages
    • Improve business processes with intelligent automated routing and electronic approvals.
    • Archive your documents automatically
    • Automatically process all scanned and digital invoices with Smartdoc Finance
    <strong>4.</strong> Automate with AI based technology
  • 5. Central archiving

    The Smartdoc solution is developed as an intelligent document metadata library based in Microsoft SQL technology. Files are stored within the database as an original document.

    • Easy and all inclusive: every one can use Smartdoc to store scans, e-mail traffic or digital documents.
    • Central and secure: store all document-related information digitally at one secured location.
    • Orginal information: maintain and include standard metadata, such as original filename creation date and archival date. Depending on the original file, you can also store other metadata, such as author.
    • Interconnective: connect with all of your applications thanks to API driven technology.
    <strong>5.</strong> Central archiving
  • 6. Central management

    With the intuitive Smartdoc interface, all users can easily be set up for intensive use of the solution. All employees have access to the information they need to do their daily job securely from any place at any time.

    • Automated version control: always find the latest version; view and promote prior versions; capture an audit trail of changes.
    • Workflow automation: Improve business processes with automated routing and electronic approvals..
    • Collaboration and faster decision-making: Replace unstructured shared folders, email, and FTP with a centralized system for organized collaboration.
    <strong>6.</strong> Central management
  • Make less mistakes

  • Facilitatie better collaboration

  • Simplify decision making

  • Improve business processes

This is what our customers
say about us...

Peter Piceu, CFO, Eiffage-Vuylsteke

Smartdoc offers a lot of flexibility, which you don't always have when working with larger companies.

Peter Piceu, CFO, Eiffage-Vuylsteke
Peter Larosse, Process Analysis & Purchase Manager, Franki Foundations

With this system we can go much further – the possibilities are endless.

Peter Larosse, Process Analysis & Purchase Manager, Franki Foundations
Nathalie Rothier, Frateur de Pourq

Our users were quickly up to speed with the automated processes.

Nathalie Rothier, Frateur de Pourq
Emilie Pollie, HR, Dolce La Hulpe

Thanks to Smartdoc, we have all document-related personnel information digitally in one place.

Emilie Pollie, HR, Dolce La Hulpe
Steven De Ridder, ICT Manager, Cookware

Due to the rapid growth of our organisation, our employees had more and more administration to deal with. They see Smartdoc as a welcome extra help, supporting them in their daily work.

Steven De Ridder, ICT Manager, Cookware
Bob Segaert, sales & marketing, Adirack

Before we used Smartdoc, we always had to search for documents in our paper archive. Now we can easily find the information by entering a search in Smartdoc.

Bob Segaert, sales & marketing, Adirack
Pieter Vinck, IT Project Lead, Tekniplex

Tekniplex often has to deal with audit procedures. Smartdoc is the ideal support tool for quickly finding and collecting documents.

Pieter Vinck, IT Project Lead, Tekniplex
Bruno Lahousse, Director, Wij Helpen

As a social secretariat, we handle hundreds of legal documents every day. It is great to work with a partner like Smartdoc who understands and can implement these processes.

Bruno Lahousse, Director, Wij Helpen
Jan Van Goethem, CEO, Ora Liften

Thanks to Smartdoc we were able to digitise and automate our paper processes. This enabled us to grow much faster as an organisation and to guarantee a better customer service.

Jan Van Goethem, CEO, Ora Liften
Sven Goffaux, CEO, LightPoint

The simplicity of the drag and drop and the simple search options make Smartdoc easy to use for all our employees.

Sven Goffaux, CEO, LightPoint

Your transformation to a smart document automation is just around the corner

You can start digitalizing and automating your document workflow in just a couple of days
  • Analyze

    We analyze your different types of documents and content, and map out all of your workflows

    Typically: 1 - 2 days

  • Implement

    We implement Smartdoc in a matter of days and teach you how to operate it in under 1 hour

    Typically: 3 - 7 days

  • Digitalize

    You can start digitalizing and save lot's of time and money from day one without turning over existing processes



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