Tailormade solutions for any type of industry and department

No matter what kind of business you are in or what department you are running, with the Smartdoc platform you collect all your document-related information in one central archive. The system intelligently automates all recurring tasks fitting to your existing processes.

Intelligent document automation
for all types of industries

The Smartdoc document management system is applied in various sectors. Each one of them is a bit different and has different priorities. But regardless of the sector, Smartdoc ensures faster document processing, fewer errors occur and a cost reduction of at least 25%. Learn how Smartdoc supports different lines of business.
  • Construction


    As in the construction sector, most of the work is done on a project basis, a multitude of information must be structured and made available from different locations.

    Smartdoc is a smart platform that processes and automates all types of documents. It not only supports project management and BIM, but also quality and security management and administration. The system allows remote working and integrates easily into the company's process flow.

    Using Smartdoc as your single source of truth, establishes a standard procedure for organising and handling documents.


    These companies in the construction sector use Smartdoc:

  • Consultancy and Services

    Consultancy and Services

    In addition to professional knowledge, service and quality, insight and collaboration are key in this line of business. And furthermore, information flows should be perfectly up to date.

    Smartdoc makes sure that information control and the document flows are addressed quickly and flawlessly. File structure, version management, archiving, document lifecycle, etc. become perfectly manageable and are even automated. Your project information is always up to date and can be shared securely 24 hours a day.

    Make smart use of all your document related information and improve your business efficiency with Smartdoc.


    These companies in the consultancy and services sector use Smartdoc:

  • Manufacturing


    In manufacturing companies, departments tend to work in silos. Documents and data are scattered accros different systems and departments.

    Smartdoc centralises all document-related information digitally in one secured location. The platform ensures orderly and efficient management of documents, document flows, and workflows throughout the company. It does not stop at the boundary of your other applications as it connects seamlessly to your ERP, accounting etc.

    Take advantage of the Smartdoc AI-driven technology to improve and streamline your business processes.


    These companies in the manufacturing sector use Smartdoc:

  • Pharma


    The pharma industry is surrounded by document-related processes on various levels that need to be conducted seamlessly, safely, and efficiently.

    The Smartdoc document automation system can be tailored to the standards and legislation in force in your line of business. It is a trusted solution for storing, accessing and managing all document related information securily. The system includes life cycle management and setting up and audit trail.

    By using Smartdoc you implement a robust highly-functional solution that enables paperless document management, files safety, and compliance.


    These companies in the pharma sector use Smartdoc:

  • Public Services

    Public Services

    Each day there a loads of unstructured information to process. Safe and controlled document access, process efficiency, and improved compliance capabilities can save money and improve services.

    The Smartdoc platform makes sure that all documents are securely and centrally archived. The AI-driven software empowers you to standardise, organise and implement workflow procedures without compromising user-friendliness.

    With Smartdoc you get rid of the dissemination of information and you drastically improve productivity and service qualtity.


    These companies in the public services sector use Smartdoc:

  • Real Estate

    Real Estate

    Real estate operations go hand in hand with piles of documents. Often the data is contained in different formats and in different structures.

    Smartdoc manages all types of documents in one central structure. At any time, up-to-date information can be collected and placed in the desired context without compromising consistency, verifiability or traceability.

    Smartdoc controls the document in-flow and enables smart digital processes, so you can focus on your clients.


    These companies in the real estate sector use Smartdoc:

  • Renewable Energy

    Renewable Energy

    Companies in this sector have specific structures and adapted process systems that require customised information management.

    All critical data relating to the management of energy assets on the one hand, and their exploitation and commercialisation on the other, can be perfectly managed with Smartdoc. The platform can seamlessly be integrated into specific systems such as 3E’s SynaptIQ.

    Smartdoc improves business processes with intelligent automated routing and digital approvals.


    These companies in the renewable energy sector use Smartdoc:

  • Transport and Logistics

    Transport and Logistics

    Transportation services are expected to be reliable, cost-effective and adhere to tight timelines. Therefore information should be rigidly managed througout the supply chain.

    Smartdoc brings all supply chain information together on one digital platform. Documents are easiliy managed, processed, shared and tracked . Document flows can be perfectly automated. Smartdoc flawlessly takes over the daily administrative routine.

    Take control of your document flow and and significantly reduce paperwork and manual searches with Smartdoc.


    These companies in the Transport and Logistics sector use Smartdoc:

  • Wholesale and Distribution

    Wholesale and Distribution

    Warehouse information management, everything from logistics and freight forwarding, to inventory management, to wholesale distribution, all benefit from effective document management.

    Smartdoc centralises and manages all kind of documents and reduces your paper trail in smoothly running workflows. It akes away repetitive and manual tasks from employees and transforms them intelligently into automated tasks with the least possible human intervention.

    Reduce time and budget spent on administration and improve the pace of your operations with Smartdoc.


    These companies in the Wholesale and Distribution sector use Smartdoc:

  • Other Industries

    Other Industries

    Document management and the automation of information flows are becoming more important as the amount of information within organisations and companies is constantly increasing.
    Regardless of the sector or department, Smartdoc ensures faster document processing. Fewer errors occur and, thanks to the structured data, costs are reduced by at least 25%.

Solutions for every department

Not only all of your business-critical documents are gathered in a central archive and intelligent automation takes care of your work flows, Smartdoc also integrates and communicates with your other business software such as Windows 365, all common accounting systems, HR systems and ERP platforms. Learn how Smartdoc becomes the indispensable hub of your administration management.
  • Finance & accounting

    Finance & accounting

    Financial professionals spend a large part of their time on administration and performing recurring actions. Smartdoc automates the administrative tasks of your department and streamlines the processes.

    Smartdoc & Smartfin are the right choice when you are looking for a reliable, flexible and secure document management system.

  • HR & Payroll

    HR & Payroll

    The human resources department fulfils a number of different functions within an organisation and therefore manages different types of files relating to the company's employees.

    The Smartdoc platform brings all these data together in one place and the system ensures that they can be processed and used correctly and securely.

  • Legal and contract management

    Legal and contract management

    The management of contracts and documents is very time-consuming. Contracts need to be correctly classified and the management of actions, indexing, control and security are crucial parameters.

    Smartdoc supports all these processes and makes sure that you can work in an secure and reliable manner.

  • Logistics


    Logistics is a complex operation involving multiple services and people. Speed and accuracy are extremely important. Centralisation of documents, integrated workflow and interconnectivity with ERP and sales are essential.

    Smartdoc provides all those function as well as storage and direct access to your documents and information any time and from everywhere.

  • Quality, safety, health and environment

    Quality, safety, health and environment

    One of the main challenges in rolling out a certification and ISO strategy is the permanent control of documents and information. Workflow validation, version management, traceability and tracking of user actions are indispensable to support regulatory compliance.

    The Smartdoc platform offers a comprehensive answer to this challenge.

  • Sales, administration and marketing

    Sales, administration and marketing

    The sales and marketing department manages all kinds of incoming and outgoing information and documents. Contract management, quotations, project follow-up but also the follow-up of deliveries and projects.

    Smartdoc fully supports your information management in a transparent and efficient manner.

  • Other domains

    Other domains

    Every company and every department can use this intelligent platform. Smartdoc collects all business-critical documents in any form in one central archive. The system automates all recurring tasks tailored to your existing processes.

    The Smartdoc platform can be integrated into Office 365 and communicates with common accounting systems, HR applications and ERP platforms.

Your transformation to a smart document automation is around the corner

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    Typically: 3 - 7 days

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    You can start digitalizing and save lot's of time and money from day one without turning over existing processes


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