Smart cash register for retail & fashion

Intelligent cash registers for retail and fashion

Smart cash registers are increasingly becoming the hub of shops. Cash registers which automatically process returns, place repeat orders and connect to barcode scanners, payment systems and stock management. Discover the very latest retail software from Anrova Solutions.

Ready for the new generation of cash registers

The new generation of cash registers faces many challenges. Register discounts, loyalty cards, barcodes, stock management, new collections, ... The checkout is also an ideal place to respond to the preferences and buying behaviour of your customers. And the faster everything goes in your shop, the happier your customer!

  • Intelligent and multifunctional cash register system
  • Easy collection management

E-commerce: link with website and webshop

E-commerce is here to stay: webshops are in fact a new branch of your physical shop. Our software supports the integration with your webshop and large e-commerce platforms. All online transactions are automatically linked to your shop’s back office. For example, you only need to enter or update orders and data once.


  • tailermate

    Future-oriented cash register solution that integrates physical and online

  • retailpack

    High-performance all-in-one checkout system that works both online and offline

  • salesmate

    Mobile sales support ensures that all data is at hand and up to date

  • itemxtra

    The smart add-on for easy management of collections and product assortments in your ERP


"Our salespeople use Anrova Solutions applications in the showroom, at trade fairs and during sales on the road.”


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