GDPR compliant document storage & more: these are the 5 advantages of Smartdoc!

Optimal protection of your own data and those of your customers = the highest priority for your document management. Smartdoc offers the GDPR compliant way to store your documents! Here are 5 reasons to start using it today.

With Smartdoc you can easily see who worked with which document and when. Handy!

1. Your documents are optimally secured

When you protect your documents with Smartdoc you have much more possibilities than when you work with the classic tree or folder structure, where folders remain visible after you have protected them. With Smartdoc...

  • documents are not visible to users or user groups. 
  • you determine who has the right to print or modify a document.
  • you also determine who is allowed to view the security or the logbook.
  • you can even determine who is allowed to print or e-mail.

2. Your documents have a life cycle - which leads to a clearer archive

Have you ever experienced this situation? When you receive a document, you already know you don't really need it - but it ends up on a (bulging) server or in an archive? Done with it!

Within Smartdoc, you can link document types to lifecycles, providing them with a start and end date and a retention period. This way, you can create lists with information that is not strictly necessary and can therefore be automatically deleted when the time comes.

3. Easily assign documents a filing destination and a privacy level

Some information may be destroyed, others may need a new life. Some documents are purely informative, others are very sensitive...  That is why Smartdoc allows you to give your documents a final destination and a privacy level via the 'Document Protection' templates.

4. Keep a log: who did what and when?

Who did what at what time, and with which document? Thanks to Smartdoc you can keep an extensive log of who accessed your documents. From the moment your document is archived, you know exactly who printed, e-mailed or changed it.

Moreover, the log is only accessible to authorised users. So you can be sure at all times that only the right people can see it.

5. Your entire archive becomes easily searchable

The OCR service analyses each document for searchability. Thanks to this OCR function you can easily search a forgotten document, an attachment from an old e-mail or a photograph of a contract. 

You can also list them afterwards - this way, you can see what information your organisation keeps on someone!

You see - working with Smartdoc is very usefull! You centralise and organise all your documents easily and safely. Within one intelligent platform, you do not only archive all your business-critical documents, but you also organise your administrative workflows. You also automatically process all your invoices in your ERP system. This will not only save you time and money, but you will also satisfy your employees!


How do our solutions bring you more profit and growth?

How do our solutions bring you more profit and growth?

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