Smooth office management

Do you want your administrative activities to run smoothly? That is possible thanks to the solutions of Smartdoc. All the information reaches the right person and can be shared easily. Digitised workflows ensure trouble-free office management.

In many organisations, document management and workflow management are separate. Some companies use a workflow management system, but this is often limited to invoices that are simply moved from tray to tray for approval, or forwarded by e-mail. These systems carry risks: invoices expire, are forgotten or lost sight of. Moreover, there is so little control and follow-up.

The workflow management solutions of Smartdoc

Thanks to Smartdoc, documents are sent to the right person and you can digitise your document flows by linking them to an approval flow.

With Smartdoc, you have access to an application that combines workflows with digital and legal archiving, in accordance with VAT legislation.

You set up the workflows according to your business and you can choose from a simple document workflow, where approval is required from one person, to more complex processes where different types of documents have to pass through different departments and people for validation.

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Advantages of digital workflows and digital approvals

  • The right documents go to the right person depending on their authority
  • The workflow is supported by push notifications
  • Documents are archived automatically

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How do our solutions bring you more profit and growth?

How do our solutions bring you more profit and growth?

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