SmartLynx for SAP Business One: easy database integration

Many companies struggle with managing their information systems and associated databases. A central software solution to integrate databases is often lacking. SmartLynx from Anrova Solutions is a simple and user-friendly integration tool for centralising, processing, and exchanging data from various sources. Your greatest advantage? Avoid duplication and errors and gain plenty of time!

What is SmartLynx?

SmartLynx is an integration tool you can use to integrate - for example - administrative and financial activities with your CRM system, web shop or warehouse operations, to name but a few. Or use it to automate your invoicing from start to finish.

SmartLynx offers advanced integration functionalities that go beyond the capabilities of your ERP system. The data in your databases remains neatly up to date without any manual processing. Your databases remain synchronised and the synchronised data automatically feeds your ERP system SAP Business One. This means you avoid duplication and can allow your processes to run faultlessly.

What are the main SmartLynx functionalities?

After a simple installation, SmartLynx for SAP Business One is easy to use. You can amend the existing integrations yourself, as you manage all the integration elements.

Key functionalities:

  • Automatic transactions from one company to another without the hassle of opening both business systems.
  • Automation of repetitive tasks such as printing and sending e-mails.
  • EDI possibilities: export via PDF and XML.
  • A task logbook displays the status of transactions for each configured export/import task.
  • Offer and raise API and web services

Who can use SmartLynx?

Does your company use several databases? Does your organisation have many locations and data systems? Do you exchange data with systems run by customers, suppliers, or authorities? Do you have a web shop? Do you want to automate your invoicing?

SmartLynx is suitable for any organisation required to process and centralise data from various data sources.

Integration of administration with web shop, CRM, and warehouse

In order to integrate its administrative and financial activities with CRM, web shop, and warehouse operations, medical supplier Gymna/Vitamed & Barthels opted for SAP Business One, expanded with SmartLynx. Thanks to this integration tool, the Shopware web shop data is processed into orders and then invoiced. The details of new customers are automatically created. Previously, this process required several actions. Now, everything happens in one fluid, real-time process.

SmartLynx ensures open deliveries are automatically invoiced. The invoices are e-mailed to the customer, or are printed and ready when the users arrive at the office in the morning. Collective invoicing is fully automated too.

The company is currently working on a self-scanning system for the showroom. SmartLynx ensures that the data are available in the system, fast and faultless, to be processed as a sales order, purchase order, etc.

Indispensable all-rounder at ADESA Europe

Car auctioneer ADESA Europe has 14 locations in Europe. Thanks to the SmartLynx integration tool, the company faultlessly processes all data on customers and goods from the auction portal. The incoming and outgoing processes are automated to such an extent that the company could forego hiring new staff even though the work volume increased.

ADESA’s financial department works more efficiently because sales and purchases across the borders are fully automated, with the option of self-billing.

SmartLynx consolidates all data in a single location, significantly simplifying reporting to US headquarters.

In short, implementing SmartLynx means ADESA Europe achieved an efficiency gain of 50% and savings of 3 FTEs. The company achieves 100% error reduction.

Integration with other software systems

SmartLynx can currently integrate the following software systems, tools and applications: BPost, UPS, Shopify, Shopware, WooCommerce, Magento, Shoxl and SAP Concur.

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How do our solutions bring you more profit and growth?

How do our solutions bring you more profit and growth?

SAP Business One is an integrated solution that provides clear insight in your entire business and gives you full control over every aspect of your operations.