E-mail management is a must!

E-mails are nowadays almost always accepted as legally valid. Soon there will also be a legal background to this. High time, therefore, to take a closer look at your e-mail management.  

Spoken words fly away, written words remain. Even in digital times this is a truism. Only we use less and less pen and paper and instead everything is handled digitally, by e-mail. 

The e-mail has therefore been legally valid since some time.  However, until now there was no legal framework. In the first book of the Civil Code, which will enter into force on 1 January 2023, that gap will be closed (*).

Email management 

So, in addition to other business-critical documents, it is important to manage your e-mail traffic in a decisive and structured way. 

In most organisations, emails are scattered across different employees, inboxes and folders or they are printed out and tucked away in a paper filing system. 


When the document management system such as Smartdoc provides email integration, the business critical email correspondence is stored in one central location. In this way, the e-mails, including their attachments, can easily be consulted by those who need to access them. 

Moreover, the saved messages are traceable, searchable and provided with an audit trail and a life cycle.  This way, you are always sure that all important mails are stored and managed in the correct, secure way. 

What can Smartdoc do for your company?  

Would you like to know more about Smartdoc document management and the Outlook integration? Do not hesitate to contact us.

(*)Source : De Tijd ‘Wet verankert e-mail als rechtsgeldig communicatiemiddel’

How do our solutions bring you more profit and growth?

How do our solutions bring you more profit and growth?

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