15 principles to digitise your administration

Every organisation struggles with dozens of administrative processes that are time-consuming, as well as very costly. Meanwhile, there is a legal framework in which digital documents have the same legal value as paper ones. Digitising your administration is a big step and Smartdoc is happy to help you with it.

15 principles to digitise your records

The Smartdoc platform includes all the features to make the digitisation of your records go smoothly. Use these principles as a basis, they will help you digitise your records in accordance with the circular AOIF 16 2008 and the Digital Act.

1.         It is perfectly legal to scan paper delivery notes, transmittal notes, invoices... and store them digitally.

2.         Documents you get digitally should be kept digitally. It is not enough to keep only accounting information, the invoice, delivery note... should also be kept. Printing out and scanning back in is out of the question.

3.         Documents should be scanned in their entirety. Thus, an invoice of 3 pages should be kept as one document.

4.         Documents that are scanned must be kept for one month, after which they may be destroyed.  (Except for contracts and other documents bearing an original signature.)

5.         It is sufficient to scan the general terms and conditions on the back of the document once per supplier.

6.         Within the solution used, it should be impossible to change the documents.

7.         Within the solution used, it must be impossible to import images into the document.

8.         Respect the regulations around minimum scanning resolutions: 200 dpi for colour scanning, 300 dpi for black and white.

9.         A number and date should be automatically assigned to the document. Smartdoc links both the time of scanning, the time of archiving and a unique document code to each scanned or added document. In addition, the customer can decide to also add own numbering and own chosen indexes (e.g. barcode, invoice number...) to the documents in Smartdoc. The time of scanning or addition cannot be changed by the users and is an integral part of the document. In addition, the "Smartdoc Layer" option allows to add comments to any type of document according to the "post-it" methodology, without changing the original.

10.       Smartdoc is compliant with the required pdf/a format, where the a stands for "archive". This type of pdf guarantees Smartdoc users that the documents were saved as unalterable documents.

11.       The documents in Smartdoc can be secured so that access to the documents as well as the right to delete documents can be limited. A comprehensive log is also kept of what actions happen on a document.

12.       Regulations also require an easy search function. Naturally, this is right up our street. The search function in Smartdoc is the easiest and simplest. As Smartdoc makes use of the advanced possibility to search documents in full text, every document can be found in the blink of an eye on numerous search criteria.

13.       The solution should allow for easy backup. Again, Smartdoc uses the most established Microsoft technologies to make duplication as simple and straightforward as possible.

14.       Scanning may be outsourced, but there are rules about this: contact us for more info.

15.       You may keep your documents externally, but you should always have access to them from your registered office: contact us for more info.

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Digitisation of administration is a spearhead for the government

"The Belgium of the future, that is digital Belgium," Prime Minister De Croo said during his 2020 Government Statement. Belgium therefore has a Secretary of State for Digitalisation: Mathieu Michel. His task? Among other things, the Administrative Simplification and Privacy legislation of your documentation.

This Secretary of State also watches over the Digital Agenda - that is, the future plans of the Belgian government on digitisation. Integrated into this was FeWeb, the Federation of Web Companies that oversees the professionalisation of the Internet sector.

It has never been easier to simplify your administration

How does Smartdoc help digitise your administration? 

Smartdoc stands for digitising and archiving your administration. Everything is done under full automation, so you no longer waste time.

● Digitise every document that comes in. Using manual input is a thing of the past.

● Secure all your documents in one place, regardless of the source.

● Find your document easily, in just a few clicks.

● With Smartdoc, you set up different workflows to automate the way you work.

So don't waste any more time and use the Smartdoc platform.

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How do our solutions bring you more profit and growth?

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